Italian ingenuity

Gough Transport Solutions supports tipper manufacturers with a selection of quality hydraulic equipment, supplying the latest products and technologies from OMFB and Binotto. For more than 20 years, Gough Transport Solutions (GTS) has been the sole distributor for Italian brand, OMFB, supplying a range of hydraulic components that includes power take-off units (PTOs), valves, controls [...]

Ensuring stability

When a truck loses contact with the road, the risk of rollover can be fraught with danger. However the range of tilt warning systems now on the market are helping to reduce the risk. Gough Transport Solutions (GTS) offers tailored kits to the transport industry to suit specific trailer applications and customer needs. When unloading [...]

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Off to a safe start

To remove one human error factor and increase safe operation of tippers, tankers and refrigeration trailers, Gough Transport Solutions recommends the Wabco trailer electronic braking system SafeStart feature. The commercial road transport industry is investigating ways to minimise human error through innovation – particularly in the braking space, a critical safety component. To offer fleets [...]

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Sorting through the system

Gough Transport Solutions has launched the new Wabco Optilink system, enabling drivers and fleet managers to easily access the vast amount of data available through the Wabco trailer electronic braking system. Since business visionary Peter Drucker coined the phrase, ‘what gets measured, gets managed’, the commercial road transport industry – among countless other business spheres [...]

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Taking tighter turns

Vehicle manoeuvrability has become a pertinent topic when specifying trailer combinations, with braking functions like Wabco’s Optiturn a go-to answer from Gough Transport Solutions. Australia’s high productivity freight vehicle scheme, Performance -ased Standards (PBS), has garnered mixed reactions since its launch nearly a decade ago. Regardless of whether it is held in high regard for [...]

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Data integrity

Modern braking technology offers transport operators vital information that can affect equipment longevity and performance, which is why Gough Transport Solutions is helping its clients learn more about the advantages of using the Wabco EBS operating data recorder. In terms of Performance-Based Standards (PBS), road transport fleets are investing in running gear that is tailored [...]

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Talking tech trends

In his 30 years of working with trailer brakes, Gough Transport Solutions' Steve Cuzzupe has seen the components change dramatically as technology advances. Trailer asked the expert what's coming next.   Q: What initially attracted you to working with brakes? A: I’ve always liked the technical stuff with all the bells and whistles. When I [...]

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High-tech assist

Braking specialists at Gough Transport Solutions understand that transport tasks in urban areas have a unique set of challenges for drivers to navigate. But they don't have to do it alone, with assistance technology from WABCO now available. In an industry well known for long distance heavy haulage, sometimes the short distance, local tasks are [...]

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Data, and how to use it

As part of its dedication to education, Gough Transport Solutions is showing its customers how to get the most out of their braking equipment using information from the WABCO EBS operating data recorder. A standard feature found in all WABCO Trailer Electronic Braking Systems (EBS), the Operating Data Recorder (ODR) is capable of tracking and [...]

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